With experience doing a wide variety of work, my design services are broken down into the following groups Vintage Retouching
As you can see from my restoration page, I can repair severely damaged photographs Photo Editing
For overworked photographers looking for a little assistance editing photographs. Whether they be product shots or a wedding, I will sync up to whatever editing style you are comfortable with
Commissioned Art
If you would like a customized design, send over your specifics and we can discuss estimated design times and rates Curation of Imagery
Making the most appropriate selections for your Hotel, Office Building, Home or Room Marketing Media
Designing logos, banners, flayers and more
I am based in Austin Texas, but work with clients from all over. Get in touch with me!
E cassioqueen@me.com q (512) 644-8004 H 1006 Banister Ln. Austin, TX 78704